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Wristband NFC Wireless Bible App

Wristband NFC Wireless Bible App. It's developed with an NFC tag which connects you to a Bible App.

SKU: WB-000

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Warehouse Italy

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Via Lugano sn Varese C/o Sirio srl 0
21050 Cantello
+39 347-8374479

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Keychain Qr-code Digital Bible App


New NFC wristband as a valuable tool for Evangelism!

After the keychain with QR code, City Bibles is launching a low-priced wristband with NFC technology to reach people in different languages with the Gospel. Through the NFC technique, which we know from wireless payment, among other things, you are wirelessly directed to the Bible app of City Bibles. This Bible app is a particularly effective evangelism tool to bring the Gospel to people's attention in 'any' language. Once you hold a smartphone near the wristband the Bible app opens and users can search for their language. Once the language is chosen, the app has a plethora of content options to choose from. Users can read listen or watch videos for each book of the Bible. The app also includes movies for kids, testimony reading plans and more. There is no charge for using the NFC technology and Bible app. Internet connection is required.

Instructions for NFC:

How to read a NFC tag?
There’s nothing easier! NFC tags do not require any app, you just have to bring your NFC-enabled phone 1-5 cm from the tag and it will automatically read the tag. If nothing happens, make sure your smartphone is compatible with NFC and that the NFC feature is activated.

How to activate NFC on your device?
Fortunately, activating the NFC feature is quick and easy!

1. Go to “Settings”.
2. Go to: “Wireless and Networks”.
3. Activate NFC.

iPhone XR or newer have automatically activated NFC. iPhone 7, 8 and X need manually activate NFC. Swipe up and active NFC in the Control Center.

What are the NFC-enabled phones?
NFC is a standard on most new smartphones. Most Android devices are now equipped with NFC and able to use it at full capacity. Apple phones have NFC from iPhone 7 up. Check online if you phone is compatible with NFC.
Ulteriori informazioni
Item number WB-000
Misura 65x12x3mm
iOS/Android App
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