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Slovenian What do you choose Interactive Tracts 100 pieces package

...a message you’ve been looking for!

SKU (Número de Referencia): WDYCSL0100

Disponibilidad: En existencias

6,95 €

What do you choose?

...a message you’ve been looking for! God made man because He wanted a friend. He wanted constant contact with people. He gave man a surprisingly beautiful life. However God did not turn that man into a robot that would automatically love and obey Him. He gave him a free will and with that the space and the freedom to make his own choices. After all that is the basis of friendship! The first person He created however chose his own way. And all people have unfortunately followed him in this. That is called sin and sin literally means missing your goal. Man missed his goal by no longer having friendship with God. So life with God has been lost and an unbridgeable distance has come between God and man.

In this treatise the plan of God is simply explained to you with your life. God provides a solution to choose for Jesus Christ. God Himself provided the ONLY way out. Every person stands for the choice to go this way or not to believe this truth or not and to seek this life or not. What are you going to choose?

Información adicional
Item number WDYCSL0100
Type of product N/A
Barcode No
Translation No
Color linnen spine No
Páginas a todo color No
Tamaño 74 x 105 mm
Number of pages No
iOS/Android App
Drukker BasseDruck
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