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Reviews with our City Bibles and evangelism material

First of all, to tell you that when I was in the strictly guarded prison for men, a prisoner came to me and showed me his most beloved possession: the City Bible Bolivia, which I sent to all prisoners last year. On the first page he had written his guilt and surrender to the Lord Jesus. It is my intention to visit this prison more often. From the local congregation that I belong to, there have been evangelism actions again during Easter, among soldiers where a few hundred people received a City Bible with joy. Meanwhile, all New Testaments have run out again, also the booklet for children, The Good Artist. Missionary in Bolivia

Ich leite dir unseren Missionsbericht vom Istanbul-Einsatz weiter. Du kannst dort sehen wie segensreich diese Aktion gewesen ist. Ich habe vor allem über die CITY Bibels sehr gute Resonanzen gehört. Sie kommen dort SEHR gut an. Die etwas modernere Übersetzung ist auch sehr gut insbesondere für junge Leute, immer wieder suchen Leute die Gemeinde auf”. Peter Hildebrandt Deutschland

Unfortunately we do not have enough space in a normal newsletter to share with you all the wonderful things we are experiencing during our market distribution. There were the 4 Turks that came over to ask for an “Incil” today. My jaw dropped, this never happened. After a long talk with them they parted smiling and “Incil” in hand. (The Turkish City Bible is an “Incil”) Turkish mission in France
We heard from a brother on the beach who distributes Greek City Bibles and askes the people who received a City Bible to bring it back after one month after they had read this booklet…. Some Arabic City Bibles found their way to N. Ireland where they were given to English women who are married with Arabic speaking husbands. David Lyttle

We have dozens of tourist per day and many visit the old synagoge in Berea where the City Bible Jerusalem is distributed. Many of the visitors tel lus that they know the City Bible from their own country! Giannis Papageorgiou