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La Paz Spanish New Testament Bible

A City Bible great tool for Evangelism!

Artikelposition: BO0200

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New Testaments for Evangelism!

A message that gives the answer to the question: “What on earth am I doing here?” A message that answers all your questions and doubts. This book shows you that you are naturally separated from God but that God loves you so much that He offers you an escape. A solution through which you will not be separated from Him eternally.

The solution is: admit that you naturally don’t fulfill Gods will ask forgiveness and thank Him for the fact that He took the punishment on Him. When after that you ask Jesus in your heart you belong to God forever! Then the message of this book has achieved its purpose: Forgiveness of your past a purpose in your life and a home in heaven. This book is a challenge!

What do you choose:

In front of the New Testament there is a tract printed 'What do you choose'? This tract is a great instrument for evangelism. It shows why we are on this earth and how you can find a purpose for living. Having a life with no future it shows you in 5 steps how to get an eternal life with God.

Zusätzliche Information
Item number BO0200
Type of product Nicht zutreffend
ISBN Nicht zutreffend
Barcode Nein
Translation Nein
Color linnen spine None
Vollfarbige Seiten Nicht zutreffend
Größe 10 x 14 cm
Number of pages 480
iOS/Android App Nein
Printer Royal Jongbloed B.V.
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