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Español ¡No es el fin!

A great tool for Child Evangelism!

SKU (Número de Referencia): NTESP0100

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Not the End!

'Not the end' is a booklet that is mainly intended for young adults. In this booklet two unborn baby's speak about a life after birth just as we speak about life after death. It is very similar!

Many people have lost faith in life after death. Assumptions in science and removal of the Bible have caused this. What we don’t see is not there and what we can’t prove doesn’t exist. But is this really true? One unborn baby doesn’t believe that there is something outside the warm safe womb while there is an irrevocable end to the existence within the womb. The other baby has his opinion based on faith and observations.

What about us when we talk about life after death ... ..?


Size: 14 x 10 cm 
Soft cover: 250 grams 
Inside paper: 115 grams paper fullcolor

Información adicional
Item number NTESP0100
Type of product N/A
Barcode 8945005023215
Translation No
Color linnen spine No
Páginas a todo color N/A
Tamaño 10 x 14 cm
Number of pages 20
iOS/Android App No
Drukker De Groot Grootsgedrukt
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