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Keychain Qr-code Digital Bible App

A digital Bible with more than 80 languages. Once the language is chosen the app has a plethora of content options to choose from!

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New Keychain Qr-code Bible App Valuable Tool for Evangelism

The City Bible Foundation launches a virtual keychain Bible app at a low price to reach many people in different languages.

The City Bible Foundation has launched into the digital arena and has developed a keychain Bible app for easy and effective distribution.

The City Bible Foundation recently built an app called CityBibles and also created a small keychain with a QR code. This keychain Bible app will be highly effective for getting Bible resources into the hands of people at an extremely reasonable price. Once the QR code is scanned with the camera of a smartphone it will allow users to choose from over 80 languages. Once the language is chosen the app has a plethora of content options to choose from. Users can read listen to or watch videos for every book of the Bible. The app also includes movies for kids testimonials reading plans and more.

The keychain costs € 0 30. For those wanting to place a large order for bundles of 250+ keychains the QR code can be customized to lead to any landing page of the customers choosing. Also the price lowers to € 0 25 per keychain.

*You can scan the Qr-code unlimited for free
*There are no payment costs for scanning the Qr-code
*The rings and keychain are delivered separately
Características do Produto
Item number QR-000
Color linnen spine Black
iOS/Android App Sim