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Italianos El evangelio interactivo de Juan Una verdadera historia

SKU (Número de Referencia): ATSIT0100

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A True Story

This is the true story of the gospel of John. John was a follower of Jesus. John was there he was an eyewitness. He has seen all the wonderful things in Jesus life with his own eyes and has accurately recorded it. He tells us firsthand what plan God has for all people. Jesus looked like an ordinary man a carpenter from the town of Nazareth. And he was an ordinary man. But He is also the Son of the Most High God. Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life  No one comes to God the Father but through Him. Read this true story of John an eyewitness. A booklet containing the Gospel of John and in every chapter’s key verse there is a 1-2 minute frame from the Gospel of John movie (2003). All you need is the booklet the City Bible app and a smartphone. It seems to become a very attractive instrument for evangelism.

Información adicional
Item number ATSIT0100
Barcode 8945005022959
Translation No
Color linnen spine No
Páginas a todo color No
Tamaño 11 5 x 16 5 cm
Number of pages 64
iOS/Android App
Drukker De Groot Grootsgedrukt
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