Project CityBibles The Netherlands 

On Easter Sunday, we were allowed to go out again with three teams to share the gospel with the mainly foreign truckers. Els, Peter and Jan went to the A12 and the A15. Corine, Anneke, Hans and Henk To the A50-A30 and the A12 near Arnhem.


We were allowed to go out under good weather conditions. Although it was Sunday and Easter, there were many truckers of mainly foreign descent. We have had good conversations about the risen Lord and the word of God. All in all, we were able to hand out 184 Bibles and Easter egg bags. It was a very successful afternoon.


Blessed be the Risen Lord, He who has overcome all things.


The City Bible Foundation has moved to its own building. We thank God for this beautiful building, in which our office and storerooms are located. The building was new so we had to furnish it and work very hard to get it all ready on time. The results are great! 

Our new address is: 

City Bible Foundation 

Vendelier 45H,  3905 PC Veenendaal