Project CityBibles Italy – Italian Evangelic Truckers

It was officially born on 9 March in Novare at the autogril, where about 15 truck drivers from all over Italy gathered with their trucks and officially started the first evangelization on the Italian territory, distributing the New Testament in different languages with inside testimonials of how GOD transforms people.


Italy is a very large nation 65 million inhabitants the 7 most powerful economy nationally but still a land of MISSION there are only 700 thousand Protestants (evangelicals) 74% of the population is Catholic and 22% are atheists and the remaining religious minorities.


Today, in Italy, there are about 500,000 truck drivers and 1.7 million drivers who transport goods by road and if we consider bus drivers, vans or small vehicles that transport locally and every day, over the whole national territory transit 4 million Truck
Truck drivers do a strenuous job and work very hard from 13/15 hours every day, with the heat, cold, snow, fog …. Heroes of the street are unstoppable, the times of globalization are pressing more and more to produce more and more, and often most truckers live their week or even more in the truck by grinding hundreds of miles every day.


The truck drivers often being many days away from home, often have big problems with families for many wives and difficult to cope with the times and days often outside the home … most of them are separated or divorced even after many years of marriage …


Often staying so long away from home are subject to many sexual temptations that the world offers … .. The goal of the evangelical trucker ass is to be a light in the middle of a difficult world like that of truck drivers….
We Evangelicals want to testify that even if we do a hard and difficult job with God’s help we can overcome every family difficulty and temptation that we face.


We want to evangelize our colleagues by being able to give a new testament or gospel of John with 3 or 4 testimonies inside us where we can tell that with God our life is different and every problem is dealt with differently.


The first evangelistic method and personal testimony so when we are stopped in autogril, in companies to unload and load or while we wait in ports or customs or while we have lunch or dinner in the various restaurants we can tell our testimony and give them the word of God.


The second method is to organize a 200/250 km course in 7/8 truckers in established trucks in a van or car and to go into each autogril and bliz for all the truckers who are doing the fine de week breaks offering them something to drink and be able to tell our testimony and give the word of God.


Third method we want to reach the families where their loved ones (truck drivers) die in road accidents every year the bulletin and very high around 200 truck drivers die every year for road accidents, we want to reach them with the love and the word of DIO


Today in Italy we are about 100 evangelical truck drivers and a nascent work so we are making ourselves known in the various communities.


Through our fb page we publish 3-min videos every week where in front of a steering wheel we tell our testimonies or some experiences that we live daily.

The videos are well appreciated by believers and non-believers, some have written to us to know more and so we have addressed them to the first local believers so that they could take care of them and continue a work of evangelization …
In the next 3 years we expect to be able to donate 50 thousand new wills or youth gospels with our testimonies inside and in 5 years we want to reach 100,000 truck drivers with the word of God.

from March to August approximately 5,000 pieces were distributed in evangelistic material and we expect great growth in the coming months.


The Mission is large and tiring but we are sure that if God has entrusted us with this task he will give us strength, resources and wisdom to better manage his work.