Project CityBibles Burkina Faso

We appreciated the receipt this year of an endowment of Bibles (926) and New Testament (816) from City Bibles to support our evangelistic activities. We were able to evangelize and distribute more than a thousand Bibles. Schools were reached in Ouagadougou, Koudougou, Sapouy, Bondigui, Leo
with the City-Bible program. In each case, students were met either at the end of classes to talk to them about Jesus, or in the classrooms with the permission of the heads of the targeted schools. The distributions were carried out in 5 cities of the country in 10 secondary schools. A member of our team had an innovative idea by challenging the young people of his local church (in Bondigui) who will be able to copy by hand, all the epistle to the Romans without fail, would receive a City-Bible.


Training session have been organized focused on how to reach specific groups such youth and students in september and 80 persons get involved. Several door-to-door visits were made to village neighborhoods and Ouagadougou. 10 different schools received the City Bibles for non-christian


Several evangelization outings were organized to bring the message of salvation to those who had not heard the gospel. Children, teenagers, young people, men and women were reached. We record about +250 new convert as of teenagers & youth.

Project Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a country of 21 million inhabitants whose main religion is Islam. The Christian population is almost 5 million. There is a lot of Islamic oppression, ethnic hostility and organized crime.

A country where the gospel is being preached in the midst of a global crisis and where the need for the gospel message is greater than ever.

Burkina Faso is een land met 21 miljoen inwoners met als hoofdreligie, de Islam. De christelijke bevolking telt bijna 5 miljoen. Er is veel islamitische onderdrukking, etnische vijandigheid en georganiseerde misdaad.

Een land waar het evangelie wordt gebracht te midden van een wereldwijde crisis en waar de nood naar de boodschap van het evangelie groter is dan ooit.