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Interactive Bible

Gospel of John

Interactive Gospel of John is a great tool for Evangelism!

Including free App

With this booklet you can download a free Application for iOS/Android.

Film The Gospel of John

With every chapter you can scan a picture and there will be playing a small video from the movie 'The Gospel of John'.

Foreign languages

City Bibles

City Bible Foundation

The City Bible Foundation is based on the infallible Word of God as contained in the Holy Bible. The aims of the Foundation are to evangelize and distribute the Word of God worldwide regardless of race, politics or nationality. Furthermore, anything else, which is directly or indirectly conductive to fulfilling those purposes, will be undertaken. The Foundation shall remain an independent organization, while maintaining close links with other like minded groups. The Foundation seeks to achieve its objective through direct evangelistic work and support, as well as the spread of the Gospel and distribution of God’s Word to the above mentioned regions.

Purpose of the City Bibles

The purpose of the City Bible is to activate christians to evangelize and give them the tools to do so. The City Bible is an evangelistic tool! The concept is based on “identification” and “communication”: - Identification with the town, region or village of the receiver. - Communication about the content in an understandable summary.